Lograh (lograh) wrote,

so. damn. tioed.

Yesterday was filesystem fun! I created a RAID group out of 6 of the HDDs I've added, and then merged it into the LV group and proceded to expand my /home partition into the new space in preparation for massive data organization (it's spread over about 5 systems right now, and there's some psuedo duplication that is starting to bother me). All was going just peachy untill, just after I had done some email merging and sorting (and I had started moving some messages off the server), the system halts. I try a reboot and am presented with a nice pretty Kernal Panic message and the dreaded blinking "Caps" and "Scroll" lock indicators (dreaded not because they happen all that often, in fact quite the opposite is more accurate -- they never happen at all (unlike the lovely BSOD), but because they have that look of "something went very, very wrong" about them).


So, I got to re-install! I was careful to mount the old /home without formatting, and gave it a different username so the installer wouldn't set about deleting my old directory. First thing I did when it got back up (even before patch installing): shrink /home back down so it doesn't need the RAID anymore and then remove said RAID from the LV.

Oodles of fun.

Bit scary for a moment there, what with some important (to me) data only in one place and that place being partially on an unreliable RAID system. Turns out it all wound up working just fine. That, and I now know that it is possible to add partitions to a LV, expand filesystems onto them, shrink the filesystem back down and then remove the partition from the LV all without a reboot (I'm thinking the one reboot I did was caused by a buggy RAID setup and not particularly the fault of the OS a less fancy partition shouldn't present these problems).

Only problem is, with this version of SuSE (8.2 -- I wasn't overly impressed with 9.0 and I'll wait till 9.1 before trying that again), Yast2 says it can't edit existing RAID systems. So now I have 6 HDDs all in a RAID I'm gunshy about using for anything important. I'd like to break it up and test them out individually to find out if one of them is bad (quite possible, I dropped a few of them a two or three weeks ago) by actually storing junk data on them (yes, I'll use more "standard" tools to check first, but nothing beats actual production-level usage to test a system). Oh well, on to figure out the command-line tools for manipulating RAIDs.

All this, and Kernal tweaking is still on the to-do list! :)

In other news, trying to type on 4 hours of sleep doesn't work too well for me -- typoes abound (let's just say it's a good thing the "backspace" key was the first one I learned). Also, nothing but 'death by chocolate' cake for dinner makes my tummy file a protest (in triplicate, and stamped by the appropriate agencies (even the department of redundancy department got it a few times) no less!) the next morning -- ugh.

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