Lograh (lograh) wrote,

hrmm.. you sure this is an *upgrade*?

so, I've been using SuSE9 for the last few days, and I'm sad to say that it seems a bit of a step backwards.

The Gaelon package it shipped with has a bookmarks bug that keeps it from saving any changes I make to the bookmarks between sessions. Plus the "add bookmark" function doesn't seem to do anything noticeable.
The KDE package seems to have a bug regarding reporting filesizes in browsing windows. I somehow had a directory of 8 MP3s, each about 7-10MB, adding up to something like 1,534,676TB (not the exact number, just the same number of digits, which is the important part). Upon a refresh, it reported a more reasonable number, but I still don't think it should have been messed up to begin with.
Lame isn't installed by default, I'm pretty sure it was with 8.2.
The DVD player utility they install isn't compiled with DVD support -- why even have it in the first place then?
The onscreen fonts seem to have a problem. Bad rendering or something makes certain sizes (normal sizes, like 10pts or so) almost impossible to use. It's consistant across all apps.

Now I understand that most of this isn't entirely their fault -- they only provide the packages, they don't write them. But when you expect people to pay $80 for a Linux Distro, you best make damn sure the packages you are providing *work*. Don't include the newer versions if you haven't tested them yet. I'm sensing a re-install of 8.2 in my near future.

It's a simple principle, really. You provide a service to give people a set of tools to accomplish some task. It is therefore an inherent part of your task to test each tool to ensure it performs as expected. It's the same reason why the computers I set up for our faculty members here often do not have the newest versions of software. I either haven't had time yet to test that version out with our systems, or I did test it and found it to have some problems and therefore I'm sticking with the older one. For example, the version of Stuffit Expander we're using is about two revs old since all the newer ones are annoying nagware pieces of shite. I'll install the new one when that company stops nagging my users about products they don't want.

In other news, my morning is going smoothely enough. I worked a lot yesterday, busy day at work and I did a housecall for one of my users -- she got a new computer and wanted me to set it up at her place with all her data from her work computer. She insisted on paying me for it, too, so that was a nice little bonus I wasn't expecting. I'll be heading to my father's for a few days to give thanks with his familly. I hope to take a few rolls with me, if the store is open today for me to buy film from. That's one drawback of shooting 120, you can't just go to the local albertsons to grab a 4pack. :)

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