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hrmm - Lograh — LiveJournal

Saturday, 22.Nov.2003

17:26 - hrmm

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well, I've done an admirable job of procrastinating going to work today. I had planned on going in at around 10ish, and woke up on time, but here it is 17:26 and I have yet to leave the house. :) I'm dressed, my stuff has been sitting by the door for some time now, and yet I continue to put it off.

I'm wondering if I can keep this up till tomorrow..

Ah well, off to go clean the kawphy equipment, as I had a few demitass as a diversion, and now I get to clean as a diversion.

I'm a master at procrastination. :)


Date:17:30 22.Nov.2003 (UTC)
tsk, tsk.
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