Lograh (lograh) wrote,

the problem is...

Yes, I've now added in 4 more HDDs to my office computer, but this requires keeping the case off (as there is physically no room to have them all in there with the case closed up). I still have the computer turned sideways, so the innards face me (easier to install that way), though. The reason this is a problem is that it normally would not be standing where it is right now. I just went to stretch my leg and managed to give one of the drives a little kick into the motherboard.

nothing's smoking yet, so I think I lucked out with the metal case being stopped by the IDE cables or somesuch. Either way, I think I'll be moving it back to a safer position -- one where I'm not likely to get my toes caught in the processor fan or anything like that.

I am considering taking a picture of it, but that'll likely wait till I get the next 4 HDDs placed in there (yes, I'm looking at doing it). Just having a pic of a computer case opened with HDDs literally spilling out from it, and to know that they are all online! Yes, I should make a userpic of that. :)

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