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Thursday, 20.Nov.2003

8:03 - shite

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hokay, this officially sucks.

I go through the trouble of installing FedoraCore so I can learn it (as it has a strong chance of becoming the college Linux load) and I'm finding it's severly crippled. First, xmms was compiled without mp3 support! I understand all the concerns about patented codecs and such, but now how am I supposed to listen to my music!?!

So, fine, I look at installing Debian. I get jigdo-lite, I download the 7 isos, I go to burn them and find . . . none of the x-based cd burning utils seem to handle isos! What the frell!?!?



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Date:8:19 20.Nov.2003 (UTC)

Writing fast 'cause I need to get to work...

Re: Redhat/Fedora
There's a patch/procedure to put MP3 access into RedhatFedora ... but as a debian user I never bothered to locate the website.

re: Debian --
a) Seven disks? You only need the first couple to get things bootstrapped -- actually if you're loading to a machine with net connection you only need either disk 1 or disk 5 of a Stable install. Both are the "first" disk in an install set -- just that #5 uses kernel v.2.4.18 by default, and with disk #1 you need to specify that you want to use that.

Once you've pulled the base install from disk 1/5, you can suck the rest of what you need from your net connection with apt-get.

b) Actually, if you're loading to a net connected machine - you only need about a 100meg mini-distro. Once you get the kernel, GNU tools, bash, and apt-get loaded (all of this is actually somewhere btw. 10-50megs) you can suck everything down from one of the debian mirrors. I have a spare Stable mini-distro around my office somewhere, if you want to play around with it.

c) Had you tried X-CDRoast? It's got that ability--I know 'cause I burned about 50 knoppix disks last month using it.
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Date:8:35 20.Nov.2003 (UTC)

Re: Writing fast 'cause I need to get to work...

x-cdroast: I looked around in it, couldn't find that option anywhere. Admittedly, this verison pops up with a warning that it was compiled without non-root support, so who knows what else they decided to leave out.

Fedora mp3: I care not, I'm burning disc 2 of Debian right now. I'm looking at these as possiblilities for the college. If it's missing basic stuff like that, I'm not going to take the time to find out what else it may be missing.

Debian: yup, seven disks. I don't care much, I started them downloading last night and I've got the isos now, so all I have to do is plug through burning them with cdrecord, which won't take too long, and then I'll have them handy incase the network here goes down (which has been known to happen).
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Date:9:35 20.Nov.2003 (UTC)

Re: Writing fast 'cause I need to get to work...

*shrug* It took me a bit to FIND where you load an image to burn ... but once done, it seems to work ok. When I ran mine - it told me I first needed to go into root to set up the software preferences, and to enable non-root support. Is that what yours is saying? ... it won't burn EXCEPT as root?

Which of course sounds a wee bit dangerous.

The MP3 stuff was, as you'd expect, removed for licencing issues. The last v. I played around with at all was Redhat9, and that was just helping someone through an install at a Davis installfest. It SEEMED to have all the tools you'd need (except mp3 of course)

True, having the ISO's on hand is a good idea for emergencies. (I think my set is with my mom).

something for the school:
There's a bunch of issues here that'd take too long to discuss:
- the structure of the debian project ... i.e. You're NOT going to find recent versions of software in what you're downloading, and the install procedure will be ugly for someone used to Redhat and SuSE) ... but if you go from "stable" to "testing" you'll have to keep an eye out yourself for the things in Testing that aren't quite un-borked ...
- Debian has access to everything imagineable, but unlike Redhat/SuSE/Mandrake, things aren't assembled nice and neat for you. Finding a good install guide on the web might be a good thing ... there's a few tips I've located on the web (that I need to find) that make hardware detection a LOT easier ... either that or get a Knoppix (debian based) disk, dump THAT to your drive (there's a procedure for that somewhere) and customize as you see fit.

Things to talk about at game night between flux games.
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Date:12:41 20.Nov.2003 (UTC)

Re: Writing fast 'cause I need to get to work...

I don't mind an ugly install process. I was playing with Slackware back around 1992ish, so I'm very familiar with ugly installers. I can handle the install, I just need something the users can utilize (which is why the testing tree is likely not going to be an option).

And yes, the initial install of xCDRoast in Fedora won't even *load* unless you give it the root password. It insists on running as root.

--posting anonymous 'cause my computer isn't back up yet.
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Date:13:08 20.Nov.2003 (UTC)

Re: Writing fast 'cause I need to get to work...

Testing's ok ... I'm using it. There's just the occasional hiccup when they haven't quite pulled a bug out of some software. Or, in my current situation, when I try to auto-update the system and it says (paraphrased) "Thanks to a software dependency issue, I'm about to remove KDE. Continue? (Y/N/?)" Stable is pretty much bulletproof - but there's a number of things that haven't been updated yet. There's ways around this (running a stable distro, with specific exceptions) ... I just don't know them.

With the root install of XCdroast - and when it's setting up the initial preferences, there isn't a setting to "allow other users to burn"? Hmmm...

>>I was playing with Slackware back around 1992ish

... I bow in your shadow. I might JUST be getting to the point where I could do an early-model Slack install. (I'm told the later versions are a lot more friendly-- not cuddly like Redhat/SuSE/Mandrake... but still)
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