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must remember this one. - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 19.Nov.2003

7:44 - must remember this one.

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gingerbread soy latte with a touch of white chocolate sprinkled with nutmeg on top.

*this* is the reason why I love the Java City people here on campus. This one girl is there every morning, and I just walk in and say "how about a small one today" and she'll just go back there and let her imagination go wild. Sometimes the results are a little less than spectacular, but other times (like this one) it's *damn* yummy!


Date:9:14 19.Nov.2003 (UTC)
Oh, I completly forgot, I need to fill out that Java City app! And I'd better hurry up with leaf hunting at CSUS, its getting late in the season.
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Date:9:38 19.Nov.2003 (UTC)
heh.. this is true.. :)
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