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hrm.. - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 19.Nov.2003

7:26 - hrm..

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damn, can't wait till they get the entire campus upgraded to 100Mbit. I'm transferring 8GB over my little switch here in my office, and I must admit it'd be nice to get this kind of throughput to da net regularly.

ahh yes.. Just close your eyes and enjoy the 9.5MB/s transferr.


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Date:8:40 19.Nov.2003 (UTC)
I thought it was 16GB of porn?
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Date:9:15 19.Nov.2003 (UTC)
I thought he said 60GB of porn...
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Date:9:36 19.Nov.2003 (UTC)
It was 60, and that's all on the secondary computer. This is a data dump from my primary computer.
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