Lograh (lograh) wrote,

time . . . to die.

ox_number_10 is off playing videogames, I'm here listening to music reading math. We both, in our own unique ways, are doing our best to enjoy the last moments of our life. For soon, we will be conducting a grand experiment to see if the famed "chocolate coma" actually exists.

It all started with an innocent purchase of a triple-chocolate chocolate-chip cake mix some time ago. Combined with a recent purchase of some double-chocolate chocolate chips (for baking) and an impulse to make a cake, we now have a rather dark dish cooling on the stove. Ox10, brave soul that he is, picked up the triple-chocolate fudge-chip frosting that will soon be applied to the cake (when cooled). And then, we will serve up the slices and commence the grand experiment, washing down the thick chocolatey substance with a cleansing quaf of chocolate milk (also provided by the ox).

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