Lograh (lograh) wrote,

too many bookmarks

welp, another round of bookmark organization just came and went. my "blogging" category now fits on the screen again, thanks to the creation of 5 sub-categories (and liberal deletion of some I didn't frequent enough to validate keeping). "education" got 7 sub-categories on it, and there are still 3 items that didn't quite fit. I re-visited 15 of the sites in the "come back here" (the "I don't have the time to fully read/explore this place but it looks cool enough so I'll tag it for later filtering" category) so it's down to a nice manageable 32. the "nethack" (computing resources) category is starting to look like it could use a few more sub-categories, and "work" needs to be filtered quite a bit still as well. I also removed about 5 from the "comics" category, but it could still do with a bit more pruning (still 27 pages there).

All in all, a productive day! :)

In other news: we're doing homotopies right now in Complex, I'm so happy! Homotopies are straight out of topology, which is my speciality. For once, I'm understanding something in that class!

oh, and today marks one year of no locked posts. :)

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