Lograh (lograh) wrote,

yes, I suck.

I have a little "days till my birfday" 'counter' picture on my userinfo. I get such a kick out of hearing when people have tried to use it to calculate when my birthday actually is (it's a little game I play, wherein I don't easilly tell people my birthday -- yes, it's childish, but I enjoy it). It just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Sometimes I can be such a rat bastard. :)

In other news, I had Kawphy this morning. And am now sipping an espresso drink. My time with serenica69, enjoyable though it was, had the unfortunate side-effect of keeping me up *way* past my bedtime, but I had fun developing film and chatting with some friends of hers. It's too bad something happened (I can't fathom what) that ruined the bulk of the pictures I took in Monterey. I suspect my camera's body might have somehow cracked open or perhaps when the film was out of the camera it may have loosened off it's roll slightly and let some light in -- I did notice one of the rolls felt a little loose. Either way, partway into one exposure it went totally overexposed and remained largely that way for the remainder of the roll. Bummer. I'll be fashioning a light-tight baggie for carrying the film after it's exposed from now on, in an attempt to mitigate this type of occurance in the future.
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