Lograh (lograh) wrote,

we're back

okay, I'll admit it, there do exist conditions under which I actually *enjoy* driving.

Highway 17, on a dark and stormy night. Rain slamming down on the windshield, wipers doing their best to maintain the miserable ammount of visibility that is afforded me by the headlights meekly pushing into the cloud I'm driving through. The road twists and turns as we go over bumps, under bridges, and try to keep from flying off the cliff that is right at the edge of the pavement.

It's particlarly fun when you manage to get some respite from the oppressive traffic and can hit a decent speed. *Damn* I love that shit.

And now I'm still too hyped from crusing on into town, but I'm starting to wind down. The trip was fun, we made it without any problematic events, and I'm about to go give "fire" one last listen before sleep.

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