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well, isn't _that_ special? - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 03.Apr.2002

11:06 - well, isn't _that_ special?

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The Register reported today that Yahoo has changed its privacy policy now allowing each user to manually set on or off if they want to be included in particular spam mailing lists. The problem is, from what The Reg reported, the email notice of this change did not state exactly what the change entailed, just that there had been a change, and moreover, each of the options defaulted to "yes". So, unless you went and looked at your account settings, and set each option to "no", you were now signed up for many of various spam lists using both your email and phone number (and perhaps address as well). Here is the story on the Reg.


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Date:11:30 03.Apr.2002 (UTC)
Maybe it was just me, but when I heard of this and went to my preferences a few days back, I found that yes, there were quite a few that were defaulted to yes, but they were all internal Yahoo! services, that didn't involve selling my information to another company. The one option that did involve selling info to others (Yahoo! Delivers) was defaulted at no.

Admittedly, just the Yahoo services alone would fill a box to death with email, but I don't see the problem everyone's screaming about. I got an email from them, informing me about the change in preferences, that the changes would not be taking effect for 60 days, I went to the site and looked at it, and changed them to no. No big deal. My personal information was never in danger of being sold.
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Date:20:42 03.Apr.2002 (UTC)
ah, thank you for letting me know. I haven't done Yahoo in so long that my account is dead. So I didn't know about it till I read this story.. Which is pretty much why I was trying to be careful how I phrased my note about it.

Thank you for sheding some light on the issue from the Yahoo perspective.

Though I've had enough dealings with companies that pledge to "not share your information with outside companies" and yet somehow my info ends up on over 20 mailing lists in less than a week. I know just how true that pledge they make to "protect your privacy" is.
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