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ouch - Lograh — LiveJournal

Tuesday, 04.Nov.2003

20:45 - ouch

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had a quiz today. it sux0red. I did *very* poorly. I knew exactly what was going to be on it -- she had told us "this will be on the next quiz", and much though I studied that specific topic for ever I *still* don't fully understand it, and as such I sucked at the quiz.

The real fun thing, though, is that her office hours are during my helpline hours (which is when I'm not allowed to leave the office), so I can't make it to her office hours. That, and she doesn't schedule any extra hours because her life doesn't allow for more time spent at work.

damn. I'm suckin' ass on this course. My worst farking topic in math, I tell ya. If I can only get through this class, the rest of this degree will be so much easier. With the exception of Analysis, that is. I'm not good at that, either, but I'm at least better at it than I am at Complex! GAH!

oh well, back to the books.


Date:0:22 05.Nov.2003 (UTC)
Think of how much fun you could have had going out hunting leaves instead of studying for that nasty old quiz that you sucked at anyway. Tsk tsk.
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Date:6:33 05.Nov.2003 (UTC)
heh.. you are *such* the little devil. :)
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