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tioed - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 03.Nov.2003

7:54 - tioed

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ja, so I really need to stop staying up so late.

Actually, what I *really* need is to not be called as a result of a wrong number an hour after I got to sleep!! There I was, happilly warm and dreaming when the bloody phone goes off and wakes me up. Thing may seem like a quiet ringer during the day, but late at night when it's less than a meter from your head it sure packs one hell of an aural whallop.

This, unfortunately, had the effect of setting the tone for the rest of my evening -- I can remember waking up 4 times throughout.


ah well, other than that it turned out to be a pleasing weekend. Hollow-Weenie party late friday, helped serenica69 move for the second half of saturday (after spending the first half sleeping), and had a nice slow sunday that involved studying, sleeping, and installing KDE on the iBook.

I loves me the fink. Those wonderful people are bringing all the open sourced goodness to the mac that Apple left out. I've installed X (using fink and then Apple's patch) and now have installed KDE, and am working on the config for both to get K and Aqua to play along. The desktop seems to be a contention point, but I'm doing some research, and it looks possible, just iffy.


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Date:9:31 03.Nov.2003 (UTC)
Gasp, I am affronted...no mention of me this weekend.

Furthermore, you didn't point out that I was the one who actually answered the phone, and then, trying to hand it to you, hit you upside the head with the receiver. You could feel the love in the room. :)
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Date:9:52 03.Nov.2003 (UTC)
My appologies dear, I felt it pretty much a given that you're a part of my weekends. That, and I thought having the most noteable occurance with you being the konk on me noggin you so lovingly supplied me with might make some people wonder.

But as long as we're mentioning it, you didn't quite hit me with it "trying to hand it to" me. It was more of a "take the bloody phone, wench" thrusting of the reciever towards me. :)

hrmmm.. I wonder if that's why my head has a little pain on that side..... :)
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