Lograh (lograh) wrote,


ja, so I really need to stop staying up so late.

Actually, what I *really* need is to not be called as a result of a wrong number an hour after I got to sleep!! There I was, happilly warm and dreaming when the bloody phone goes off and wakes me up. Thing may seem like a quiet ringer during the day, but late at night when it's less than a meter from your head it sure packs one hell of an aural whallop.

This, unfortunately, had the effect of setting the tone for the rest of my evening -- I can remember waking up 4 times throughout.


ah well, other than that it turned out to be a pleasing weekend. Hollow-Weenie party late friday, helped serenica69 move for the second half of saturday (after spending the first half sleeping), and had a nice slow sunday that involved studying, sleeping, and installing KDE on the iBook.

I loves me the fink. Those wonderful people are bringing all the open sourced goodness to the mac that Apple left out. I've installed X (using fink and then Apple's patch) and now have installed KDE, and am working on the config for both to get K and Aqua to play along. The desktop seems to be a contention point, but I'm doing some research, and it looks possible, just iffy.

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