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I lift my eyes to the sound of the sky and I hear it - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 29.Oct.2003

8:01 - I lift my eyes to the sound of the sky and I hear it

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Such a lovely world
Oh so magical
So the story goes
Sing the madrigal
What a lovely world
Waxing lyrical
See the lies unfold
Hear the miracle

When I look about me I see sadness and joy, destruction and creation. Sometimes it seems all I see are mindless twits wrapped up in their little self-delusions, going about their tasks, fully convinced of their own self-proclaimed superiority. It's this cacophany of incompetance that creates the daily dance of society.

How truly beautiful it all is. People seem to have lost an ability to appreciate the subtle turning. A particular leaf drifting down through the breeze, landing in an oil slick, the colours of the sun reflecting off the oil as it covers and flows around the colours of the leaf.

random babblings, nothing more from me.


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Date:9:27 29.Oct.2003 (UTC)
I don't think people really had that in the first place. Some individuals have that, from time to time, but in general that level of appreciation isn't part of the overall human condition.

You mourn for their loss. I claim they never had it in the first place. Your sadness, my frustration. However, if changes nothing, as the end result is still what it is.
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