Lograh (lograh) wrote,

damn, I love not using windows

so, one of my apps just crashed so hard I couldn't do anything. no mousie, no clickie, nothing.. fwiw, the app in question was Evolution -- the open source answer to Outlook, looks like they did a *VERY* good job of emulating Outlook down to the crashing! :)

So, anyways, as I was saying, couldn't do a thing. So, I just C-A-F2 on over to a text screen, log in there and go on a killing spree with top. I eventually get teh app dead, but in my slaughter I also managed to kill my window manager. DOH! no more programs menu, no more task bar, no more desktop icons.. nothing.. damn. I do, however, still have the right-clickey menu on the desktop, which includes the "logoff" option. so I use that to get out.

Before I log back in and start back up, I decide to make sure it's all clean. back to screen F2 and log in as root. go on a mad killing spree with top again taking out anything still running under my username (I almost never log in as root), and in the process find two processes with numbers low enough that they probably have been running for the past two weeks or so.. kill them, and now that it's all clean I log back in all graphical-like. System's doing fine and actually is running better than it has for a while! musta been those two rogue processes I took out.

All this in a minute or two, and no need to reboot. I love not running on windows. :)

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