Lograh (lograh) wrote,

oh, and for those who care:

here is the entry in da gazebo's galleries for the image used to make the icon from last post. it's a link to a moderate sized version, from which you can click "full" to see the full-sized version.

technical points (that few will care about): it started as a crop from a (slightly) larger pic (just to remove some extraneous background at the edges).
Brightness/contrast global modifications to tone down some background
colour channel lightness/saturation changes on all chanells plus global to get the right shade of red (the scene was lit by an amber lamp, hate those things!)
curves alterations to bring out specific details on the petals
unsharp map to counter softness of my camera's imaging element

No, it's not out of focus, the fuzzy velvety look (which actually looks kinda nice) you are seeing is the result of it being a *.4 second* handheld shot from a standing position (slightly leaning over, no less)!

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