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Babble, Babble, Bitch, Bitch
Rebel, Rebel, Party, Party
Sex, sex, sex, and don't forget the violence
Blah, blah, blah
Got your lovey-dovey sad and lonely
Stick your stupid slogan in
Everybody sing along

so, I tried going back through my posts and seeing when I brewed the barleywine, but I neglected to post that one so I'll have to check the paper records when I get home tonight.. I'm thinking tonight might be a good time to bottle it. I'm also looking forward to possibly trying a bottle of my last batch tonight/tomorrow.. It tasted really weird going into the bottles, but I'm apperantly the only one who noticed the flavor -- we'll see if it's still there after a week in the botles. Yes, it's a young bier, but that's okay -- they still taste good even if they have the rough edge of youth and haven't mellowed out yet.

I'm sure that can be applied to many things in life.. :)

So I'm sitting here thinking about the recipie I'll use for my next batch. Yup, I haven't even tasted the last batch and I'm allready looking to the next one. Does this make me an addict yet? Anyone who wants to try an intervention is welcome to come on over and toss back a few with me. :)

<rant> As a general rule, I find myself feeling that Computer Science majors are likely the most useless people around (note: it's a *general rule*. Yes, I know people who are exceptions to it, they all openly admit they are in a very small minority) -- perhaps second only to Business Majors (joke, had to say it). What would ever possess someone to actually get a college degree in a field where degrees are openly looked down upon and where those who are considered the greatest minds never even got their degree (or, if they did, it was well after they had established themselves in the field)? Right from the get-go their degree exhibits a complete lack of understanding of the world around them. What's more, they are getting a degree that will take a minimum of 4 years (with the average somewhere between 5 and 6 years) in a field that goes through significant changes every 18 months or so and is almost unrecogniseable over a period of 5 years. While they are stagnating in college, slagging through courses in their major that have no bearing on the work they will do when they get out, the industry they claim to be training for has gone through at least three changes in hardware and usually a shift in paradigm as well.
All this adds up to a person who is inadequately trained for their claimed industry, is not at all trained for any other industry (they almost allways over-specialize), and has proven they are incapable of looking around them to see the realities of life. This person generally tends to have an overly arrogant air about him (they tend to be male, also) as he feels his specialization in a segment of technology often considered "elite" or "cool" somehow bestowes upon him some measure of same. As a result, you get someone who not only can't open his eyes to what's going on, but refuses to listen to other people when they try to elighten him. He isn't mentally cross-trained enough to ever come up with an inventive or dynamic solution to any problem, and he isn't physically trained at all -- thus making him unfit for any kind of physical labor.
Basically you have a trained monkey (minus the strength) that thinks of himself as some sort of intellectual god. These people bug me greatly. I cringe whenever I have to deal with them in my job. Sometimes they'll be a student assistant in some office, sometimes they are a staff member who doesn't have a degree yet but is using the fee-waiver to get one. Either way he has usually tried to fix the problem himself before finally calling me in -- the only result of his tampering means I now get to spend an extra hour to undo his screwing around before I can even *start* to fix the actual problem (which itself might take only 15 minutes or less). And, as an added bonus, while I'm there working on the 'puter he gets it in his head that he wants to chat. I don't know what it is about me, but these kids allways try to talk computers with me whenever I'm around. Usually I'm nice and try to stay as non-informative as possible (not out of spite, mind you, but simply because it'd take weeks to first get them to un-learn what they've been taught before they can hope of understanding how things really work -- I just don't have that kind of time). I just sit there and mutter an occasional "Really?" and "ya don't say?" kind of stuff. Only once did someone get under my skin enough to get the "I've been working on computers since before you were born . . . I've forgotten more than you'll likely ever know" bit. On the one hand, I recognise it makes me look like a dinosaur to them (old is not a good thing to be in this industry) but then I just toss them some scraps about Windows they didn't know ('cause that's usually all they ever use (odd, rarely do CS kiddies actually use something other than Windows)) and they usually accept that I've kept up on my stuff.
So, yeah, as a general rule I try to avoid CS majors. Now, as I've said, I've known quite a few CS majors and have been (and currently am) good friends with them. They're good people. They are also in a very small minority when you look at CS majors as a whole.

edit: cut-tag added around the rant

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