December 27th, 2009


Saturday was wet!!

So I stayed the night at the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park last night, which was nice. Would have been somewhat more exciting if the weather hadn't involved so much rain! I did manage to get a few shots of the campground before the downpour/darkness made it 'challenging'.

My campsite was right alongside a little stream, with large logs marking the boundary. They had clearly been there a bit, as they had beautiful green moss and large mushrooms growing on them. I also got a shot of a row of 'shrooms, but I like the ferm in this one more.

Here's the row of 'shrooms, for comparison. The fern really completes the shot.

Walking upstream a bit to a closed section of the campgrounds I saw another access point to the water. This was a real gem of a spot, since the path was slightly overgrown and at the end of it was a huge old moss-covered tree hanging out over the stream. SOOOO pretty!

And on the way out the highway hugged the coast for a bit and I got a nice shot of some waves with a colourful sky above them.

On a technical note, I'm not so sure I like how this app is over- saturating the pictures. I have the originals, of course, but I'm undecided which is better. Sometimes it works well, like that coastline shot, but other times it seems a bit heavy.

Ah well, back on the road. Northward!

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