May 21st, 2009


Dreamy // meta

Say, anyone here like LJ but not the management? I hear there's another journaling site getting going where the folk in charge seem to want to be nice. Now me, I dunno. I don't do much blogging recently, but I've been thinking of changing that (don't worry, they'll go here as well). While I do agree that the LJ management has done some real lame moves in the past, their choices haven't really hit me too bad yet (not to say they never will, though). I expect this is probably due more to my being a rather basic blogger more than anything else.

Anyway, yeah, I've got two codes to DW if anyone here desperately wants to jump ship from LJ. Aaangyl typed up a nice summary of some of the issues here. The DW site has some FAQs related to the comparison as well, I think (can't find them at the moment). Perusing some of the official DW communities (like DW_biz for one) can also answer some questions.