March 19th, 2009


Been thinking // collected

So, I had some thoughts to post but couldn't figure how to fit them in
a txt. Then it occurs to me that I have post-by-email also! I'm such
an idiot sometimes. :)

So yeah, jogging. Now that I have these great running shoes I'm
going to do at least a little bit of jogging. I tried some on the way
home Tuesday night and wound up way over-exerting myself. I suppose
I'm not the young kid I once was. After only a meager 2.5 miles of
mostly-jogging-but-some-walking my calves had had quite enough and
there were blisters on each sore foot. I blame the blisters on the
shoes still getting broken in, the sore feet on them not being used to
excercise, and the calves to my never having ran like that in my
life. My goodness things are different when you start to listen to
your body and give it the chance to move. My calf muscles (and to a
lesser but still non-trivial extent the rest of my legs) have been SO
SORE since then. I could almost not walk at all Wednesday, and this
was only slightly better today. I'm hoping I can be recovered enough
to try again next Tuesday, but I'm honestly not sure if that'll work


In other news, yeah iPhone 3 lands this summer along with upgraded
hardware. Maybe this time Apple will toss us a friggin' bone and bump
the ram and CPU. One can dream, right?Either way, there stands the
question of do I upgrade this phone's OS right away? See, now that
I'm jailbroken I have far more flexibility what I can do with it.
Both in the graphics (I'm actually being all artsy and making my own
theme) but also in the functionality (some kick-ass programs out
there). All this goes away if I upgrade since that will kill the
jailbreak. While the apps I use most frequently are AppStore items
there are enough Cydia apps that their loss would not go unnoticed.
Yet there are things in the new OS that I am sure I'd like to use, not
the least being features I had used prior to getting an iPhone and
have missed since.

Hrmmn. Will need to list it all out side by side. Cost of upgrading
vs cost of waiting for the jailbroken 3.0.

Am yet again working on tackling the 'learn Obj-C' hurdle. I have a
solid idea or two for apps I'd like to have on the phone that seem not
to exist yet. I don't really care if anyone else uses them, but these
are things where I repeatedly find myself wanting to do 'blah' but
finding I can't. Problem is, it has been a LONG time since I've
written any compiled code. Sure, in the interviening years I've poked
around with PHP for some web pages, and I play with sed/awk and shell
scripts when my job has a call for it, but these are nothing at all
like a real distributed program written in what is probably the most
strictly OO language I've ever met. Even when I presumably 'learned'
OO coding back in the C++ daze my objects were little more than
glorified structs. I still had the security blanket of pointer
arithemetic close at hand if I wanted it. And while I know that Obj-C
still has all that as well, I am doing my best to never think of it.
I know the Apple approach works best when you stay in the sandbox, and
honestly my code ideas shouldn't need to leave it anyway. Further, I
can see that the Cocoa runtime gives tremendous power and flexibility
to programs that use it right. But damn if it isn't really scarry to
write code like this sometimes.

This is long enough for now, perhaps I'll post more thoughts tomorrow.