February 28th, 2009


Scenes from a coffeeshop // mobloging

"pirating, in my book, is when you sell it . . . Giving it away isn't
pirating" - said by a self-proclaimed 'computer programmer' this
morning while he was installing various commercial programs on two
laptops for his 'friends' sitting next to him. He said he carries
this bundle around on his flash drive and installs it for any 'friend'
he meets.

Real shame is, the programs he mentioned aren't all that great and
there are freeware options that would work just as well. Say what you
will about 'casual' piracy (though I'd argue this guy is pushing the
boundry of that definition), but at least pirate stuff worth using. :)

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Whoda thunk it // moblogging

So it would seem 'some assembly required', while great for Swedish
furniture stores, is not what people want in a steakhouse.

Stonegrill was a steakhouse that served your steak raw and gave you a
hot rock to fry it on yourself (or so I'm told, I never went
obviously). Their spot is now occupied by what would seem to be a
yuppie sushi joint.