November 5th, 2008


Lots of people // mobloging

They go around the corner and up the street. I suspect they are
working on surrounding the entire Capitol -- the crowd was big enough,
they might be able to do it. Lots of noise, what with almost every
car honking up a storm. Particularly on tenth, right past the front
steps of the Capitol, where both camps are lining the street. Some
cars it's not clear who they are honking for, so everyone hollers back
in support.


Woah // mobloging

"yes" crowd has doubled. It's getting thick and loud now.

A little too loud, it would seem. A "no" organizer just calmed his
group and reminded them yelling is not what it's about.


Party van is here // mobloging

I can only hope it is "just in case".

Police have blocked tenth down to one lane, which "yes" cars keep
circling the block to drive back through honking. Must have seen the
same five cars for the last hour, along with legitimate traffic.

Chants so far have been "we are straight, yes on eight", "in god we
trust" and a nice sing-a-long of the national anthem that started just
in the "yes" camp but ended included both sides of the street. That
one was rather touching. We disagree, but we are all citizens of the
same country. Even if one group thinks the other should be second-

Damn it's starting to get cold.