February 4th, 2008


... makes me a sad panda // work

Gah. So I'm required to take some sexual harassment online training again (it's a regular thing -- every year or two) for my work. I don't mind the training, as it is an important issue to be aware of. What I do mind is that it is required to take at least two hours. So, doesn't matter if I can quickly read and comprehend and learn all the material at my own pace, if I click the "next" button too quickly the training won't count and I have to start all over again.


law is so backwards // work

quote from the training:
A reasonable man is likely to take offense at comments about a female colleague's menstrual period.

(the scenario is a female rummaging in department cupboards, male asks what's wrong, female says her PMS is bad and she's in need of an aspirin. Verdict = harassment)

WTF?!?! it is a perfectly natural part of being human, there's nothing offensive about it.

this is why we can't have open honest communication, and why we utterly fail to get along as reasonable adults. The law forbids such.