January 4th, 2007


wtf?? // vista hate

that does it, I am finished with Vista. I have seen enough to know what a nightmare this migration is going to be, with any luck we can put it off till Vista R2 (or at least SP1) comes out. I am reinstalling XP on my primary computer as of whenever this data backup operation finishes.

I may get around to listing all the great things I loath about this steaming pile of shit at some point, but for now I shall simply give one little nugget of love that was the proverbial straw.

I want to back up some data by copying it to a network share. I select a bunch of files, and go to drag them to the folder on the other computer. I just do a default drag (normal click/drag, no modifier keys or anything) and it goes and tosses a load of shortcuts on the network folder. "mer?", says I. So I delete the shortcuts and wonder if I am just remembering wrong. I thought in XP the default drag when the destination was removable media or another computer was copy instead of shortcut, but oh well. So I go to do another drag and this time I am watching the little icon by the cursor that tells you what it is doing and sure enough, it says shortcut. So I hit Ctrl, it changes to an arrow (which used to mean move, but I have given up expecting consistency from M$). I am looking for 'copy' (which used to be a plus) so I go and try Shift or Alt. No love. Both Ctrl and Shift give an Arrow, Alt gives the shortcut indicator (curvy arrow). So, even if there is a difference between Ctrl and Shift, it is not indicating any. I pick Ctrl and sure enough, it starts moving the data. Fine enough, I am doing a nuke-and-pave now anywho, but still, I wanted 'copy'.

So, here is my problem. I do a good deal of work tossing files around the network from one computer to another. If Vista does not support 'copy' (not having a visual indicator of the difference between 'copy' and 'move' is as good as not supporting the one you need) between network fileshares, what good is it? How far back in years do you have to go to find a computing system that had 'move' but not 'copy'?!


addendum: upon reflection, this might be an attempt by them to cut down on illegal filesharing. You can trade files, but you are not allowed to keep a copy for yourself. This would make a great joke if it were not for the fact that it is just enterprisey enough that I can see them trying something like that.

further addendum: oh, okay, now I am really pissed. I am copying some other files now, and this time it defaulted to 'copy' and had the little plus like it was supposed to. Must have been something with the original batch of files that made it think copy was not an option. It did not say anything to this effect, though. BAH!