January 3rd, 2007


yes, I am a grammar nazi // random

Can an expiration date expire? As in, "the expiration date for such-and-such expired in last month". I wonder. Imagine the press releases. "If you purchased our product in 2005 your expiration date will be expiring next month, we urge you to upgrade your copy's expiration date to the more modern expiration date, which will be July of next year."

Could an expiration date expire before the product it is an expiration date for expires?

If the product and the expiration date for that product both expire on the same day, which expires first?

If my product's expiration date has expired, does that mean my product will not expire anymore?

This random nonsense brought to you by one of my users (who emailed me the statement I quoted above in the second sentence), who must have been thinking of something else when she emailed me. :)

While we are talking grammatical nonsense, check out the nice ad I got when googling "sentence" (it is one I have traditionally had trouble spelling):

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Dude! eBay must be having some sort of sentence sale right now! I have always thought my blogging was costing me too much, I think I shall go check it out! :) heh