November 7th, 2006


all the cool kids are doing it. // politics

Here, for the first time (and probably the last), I'm going to say how I'm voting. 'cause I'm in that kind of a mood.

fuck that.

lemme just say, I disagree with you. yes, *you*. I have read the various people posting how they are voting, or what they are supporting. I don't think there's a single person on my Flist here (or even among people I know that don't have LJ accounts) that I agree with on every option. This post got *WAY* too long and ranty on the various choices where I disagree with people (read: practically all of them), trying to explain my position, so I gave up.

Here's the short version:

I'm heading out to go vote in about 2 hours. I will vote in ways you will not like (also some ways you will, it's a little of both). I recommend you get out and vote also to cancel out my crazy ideas. If you haven't voted yet, the polls are open till 8pm tonight -- if you have, congratulations!

There is one thing I'm strongly enough opinionated on that I would like to keep here:
Passing a law to say where a group of people can or cannot live is, in my opinion, unconstitutional.
Requiring police monitoring through GPS anklets of citizens (previous convictions do not revoke a person's citizenship status) is, in my opinion, unconstitutional.
The term "sex offender" is legally applied to more than guys who rape kindergarteners. It also applies to a young lady who gave a private strip-tease for her boyfriend at a hotel room years ago (as well as a number of other "victimless" crimes).

I think you all can guess how I'm voting on at least one of the propositions.