May 11th, 2006


a ncie walk // life

today I walked on over to a camera store after work, for to be looking at stuff. Managed to find some nice cheap backdrop that will work wonders for keeping light out of my bedroom. This is good, provided I can manage to get it up securely enough.

after that I was standing there on the sidewalk, sun beating down on me, and I figured it was a great opportunity to walk home. so I did. I had been tossing around the idea of walking to/from work for a week or so now, and I figured this was the perfect opportunity to find out just how long it'd take and whatnot. An hour later, I'm sitting here at home and soundly of the opinion that I'd have to have at least a change of shirt should I decide to walk to work in the morning. :)

it was a nice walk, though. H street is a beautiful street with light enough traffic and plenty of trees and pretty houses. I had my water bottle and ipod and just be-bopped all the way home. My poor pod, though.. it's battery was showing just every so barely a sliver of charge left when I set out from my office, so I was fully expecting to have to put the headphones away and actually listen to the cars for at least the last mile or so, but it actually managed to make it the whole way home. der 'Pod is such a trooper.

Speaking of troopers, that reminds me of a little worm I met on the way home. Poor thing was so dehydrated, partly stuck in place on the hot sidewalk. Just barely able to wiggle its front third or so side to side desperately looking for something it recognised. It didn't even panic much when I lifted it up with a piece of grass (they usually freak out quite a bit when picked up) and moved it to the edge of the lawn. It wasn't that far from saftey to begin with, not even a body's length away, but it was faced the wrong direction and wasn't making any progress anyway. I slowly dribbled a little water over it and it instantly sprung back to life, movement flowing through the whole body and a sheen returning to its skin. it began to attempt fleeing me with more vigor, but unfortunately it kept trying to get back up on the sidewalk! I had to put my finger down in front of it and keep trying to guide it to the deep crack between the lawn and sidewalk, all the while dribbling more water on the soil to soften it up at the edge some. I finally managed to get a panic responce out of it and it flipped around enough to aim straight down, so its next series of movements took it deeper into the crack. I left it with a little more water soaked into the dirt and ran over its tail. it seemed to be headed the right way by then.

a nice walk, I enjoyed it. I'll have to walk home from work more often.