May 5th, 2006


I hate people // politics

Fucking "liberals". Fucking "conservitaves". I hate all this political posturing surrounding "high" gas prices. Two things: when adjusted for inflation current gas prices are not anywhere near high and Europe consumers pay far more per gallon than even the most outlandish estimations of what US consumers will be paying by the end of this year.

Now, even assuming gas prices for the consumer are currently high, trying to get laws passed is *NOT* the solution. You wanna know the solution? I'll tell you the solution. It's so mind-boggingly simple I forgive you for not grasping the concept earlier:


It's that easy. If everyone started taking public transportation in to work one or two days out of the week, and if all the people purchasing new cars insisted on only purchasing cars that got at least 35 miles per gallon, prices would stop rising at the pace they currently are. They won't drop, of course, because gas prices never really drop over any significant period of time. They will, however, stop going up a nickel a week (which it certainly feels like they are doing).

Personally, I've been calling for a new tax on gas for years now. I've long since felt that we should have a $3 per gallon tax on gas. It's the "You wanna fuck the earth, fuck you" tax. All these damn self-centered yuppy pieces of shit in their 8MPG designer tanks can cry me a fucking river about high gas prices, I've had it with their whining.

My only lament about all this is knowing that those yuppy shits are the ones deciding the laws. :(