January 22nd, 2006


that wasn't so bad // techie life

I decided Friday to do a little tweaking around in php and put together a quick-n-dirty script that outputs a png which will be a chessboard with the pices in the given arrangement. Sitting around the house sick today I decided to do a little upgrade on the script, and it now outputs a pretty fully-graphical (and I mean complex graphics, not just coloured blocks or big letters) chess board. The pieces are still a little crappy since I drew them by hand, but it still is easier to use than some coloured squares with black or white letters scattered across them. It still takes an ugly url to make it happen, but I'm trying to think up a solution to that end of it.

All in all, I must admit that doing basic image manipulation with php is fscking EASY! I'm downright shocked at how simple it was to throw together some quick code to get basic functionality out of this thing.

For the curious, here is a sample position. ugly pieces, I know. and my server is slow, I know that as well. :(