December 22nd, 2005


christmas shopping // roadtrip consumerism

Is it still considered christmas shopping if I'm not doing it for christmas, but just happen to be doing it during that time? sadly, I know the answer is yes.

Still haven't found an ice-scraper. I'll be running around Friday noon looking for that, as well as an FM transmitter for der'Pod. I did manage to get a full-size spare tire, though. I now have a full-size spare that will be the first swap and a mini-spare that will go on if there's a second blowout before I can get the original tire fixed. I'm seriously reconsidering if I need a cooler for whatever food I bring with me. Most of it will be non-perishable in some form, and that which is, well, it's fscking WINTER! I could just leave a baggie of food in the trunk and it'll likely freeze back there most days. So I'm just this side of just forgetting that bit. Still don't have any hostel locations along the way, should probably get those printed up today.

Tomorrow's a confirmed half-day, so I'll have the afternoon to do last-minute shopping and get an early start on I5 (along with half the rest of town -- I'm expecting massive traffic).