November 25th, 2005

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two great tastes . . . // random life

hokay, so I now know that having a dinner consisting entirely of two glasses of egg nog, a bananna, and four pickels is *not* a good idea. actually tasted kinda good, till about an hour later when my stomache finally realised there was nothing more forthcomming and begain to lodge formal complaints regarding the mixture down there.

scrambled eggs with saute'd mushrooms, red and green onions, and melted cheese, however, makes a great breakfast. :)

contemplations the second // planning

Sacramento, CA
Redding, CA
Medford, OR
Eugene, OR
Salem, OR
Portland, OR
Olympia, WA
Seattle, WA

Again, anyone with tips for the journey, places that I *must* see along (or close to) the route, please speak up. Also, offers for crash space will not likely be turned down.

timeframe I'm looking at is something along the lines of:
23/24.Dec leave Sac heading north on 5.
perhaps spend a day or two in OR, a few days in WA, hurry back to Sac.
back in town on 30.Dec morning, possibly late 29.Dec night (payday, funds can be helpful).
leave sac heading south 30.Dec 'round lunch. spend that evening 'round LA (if the offer for space is still good that evening).
31.Dec possibly head east or stay in LA for new year's, depending on situation.
spend a few days working my way across the southern US.
7.Jan hit Durham, NC, detour to Wilmington, NC so I can see the Atlantic, take the 95 north.
8.Jan hopefully rolling into NY, stay for a day or two (again, pending offer)
10.Jan try for Maine, come back to NY to sleep (guest room beats hotel any day)

And here is where I'm of split mind. I'd like to not take the same damn route back, but this time of year anything further north might have snow troubles. I'm tempted to try the 80 back home, though, as it goes from coast to coast but I just don't know if my little car would be able to handle it. I know someone in Columbus, OH (which is a short detour from 80) whom I'd love to spend a day with if possible, and I'd like to see the great lakes, but that whole weather thing has me more than just a little nervous.
Anyone driven the 80 in Janurary who can say how big an issue weather is?