November 24th, 2005


giving thanks // topical

it's that time of the year again!
Last year I spent some time thinking on what this holiday means, and more notable how I fit with it. I decided that this is one holiday I'll celebrate, and the way I want to celebrate it is to thank each person who is close to me in my life. Here on LJ, that translates roughly to a little 'thank you for being you' for each of you. I may not see some of you often, if at all. And I may not even know some of you, but through your words you have each had an impact on my life. Your time spent here has not been in vain, and I thank you all (from those whom I see daily to those where I'm just a fly on your LJ wall) for sharing some part of it with me.

That said: Thank You,
6q, for your teaching by example how to be kind and careing
krissielee, for showing me the meaning of courage
aine13, for your smile, and the way you carry your heart
arkainas, you have been missed
artistic_chaos, for showing me how to grow
athenamarie, for your insights in daily life
aaangyl, your strength shows me how far I have to go, and that it can be reached
blackwell, for your photography
bridgeweaver, your wisdom serves as a much needed guide when I get lost
cheshire_monkey, for being willing to listen when I need to talk
choasweasel, for not blowing me up. :)
chunkbot, for reappearing shortly, where have you been?
classicbri, for going on when the going gets rough, you are an inspiration
cncrt_brunette, for returning to my life, I hope you stay this time
copper9lives, for showing me how to acheive goals, even over so many years
damonakat, for your stiches. :)
darkmoon, for good music and keen insight
devey, I had hoped to thank you in person some day, I am sorry that won't happen
dotarvi, for keeping me from making mistakes, and telling me I'm wrong
eazycheeze, we should play again sometime
edgylesjr, for showing me the land of dreams
elentar, where ya been? I miss you.
erisian_fields, I look forward to your return to riding
eternalyam, for reminding me life isn't all serious and stuffy
fmblng_twds_xtc, I hope your life is leveling out wherever you are
forkylo, the pains of youth will pass, hang in there
futuregirl, you are missed. I hope you are well.
gregory_geiger, you have taught me so much of respect
geckoinpdx, you remind me to keep my eyes open
gethen, you know more of self-change than I can ever hope to learn
gonainie, for reminding me how to think
graphxgrrl, proving such a move can be done
gravilim, for smiling, even if for no reason
grumpy_sysadmin, for your wit and humor
hariseldon, I hope life is treating you well
iharthdarth, your short stint will bring lasting joy
ilk, for focusing on what needs attention
jeffry_wynne, for your music and related thoughts
jimbo_the_gecko, for your view on the world
jwz, for finding the obscure
kalemachka, you seem to be preocupied, I await your return
kest, for your insistance that people think
khanfused, for continuing to be sane in a crazy world
la_vation, for your words of daily life
lotusstone, for your art and philosophy
macklinr, for forcing new ideas on me
mahdi, for accepting me
mamarhi, for holding on, I hope you get better
mayzface, for reminding me of the joys of youth
merovingian, for sharing your reality
merowinkian, for challenging my reality
mommy_heather, for letting me watch you come so far
mr_destructo, long time no hear, I hope you are well
mslulu, for helping me fix my flaws
namelessnobody, for using your amazing mind
noisepimp, for taking on so much, and expecting so little for it all
noodlboy, for showing devotion
ox_number_10, for reminding me to have fun
pain_proof_vest, for your venting and rants
pleckos, you moved so far away! WAH! thanks for keeping in touch still
plucky, for being the brave chicken you are
pnsm, you have an interesting way with words
princessjamey, you look great in a poodle skirt.
qwantz, your comical insight is unique
raybrandle, for your version of mundanity
sagus, since real life is stranger than fiction
samsamsamantha, for showing such kindness
scottbateman, for your humor
serenica69, for continuing to teach me
sifueireman, for showing the application of philosophy in life
sinboy, for spreading the word
sora3, for not giving up
spasmsproject, for the nuggets of inspiration
spindry, for the pictures and stories
stinkycatbutt, please start!
stroum, for the commentary
the_misha, for living your life, and showing how it should be done
tiggrrl, you have such a wonderfully unique way of telling it like it is
tobin, for keeping your head
tragerstreit, in your lessons, we all learn about life
tyrsalvia, for the fire that drives you
urbeatle, for the poignant comments
vampyrecat, for sharing your life
voidheart, what you lack in frequency you make up for in clarity
warren_ellis, for the fiction
wickedserpent, for expanding your life
witchphaedra, for going on, moving forward
with_gusto, you're still missed, thanks for the teaser, though
youthinazia, for the gems of insight you hide between your days
yozhik, for the tips