November 13th, 2005


contemplations // planning

So, here's what I'm tossing around in my head:
Sacramento, CA
Tracy, CA
Los Angeles, CA
San Bernardino, CA
Barstow, CA
Needles, CA
Kingman, AR
Flagstaff, AR
Holbrook, AR
Gallup, NM
Albuquerque, NM
Tucumcari, NM
Amarillo, TX
Oklahoma City, OK
Fort Smith, AR
Little Rock, AR
Memphis, TN
Jakson. TN
Nashville, TN
Knoxville, TN
Asheville, NC
Greensboro, NC
Durham, NC
Richmond, VA
Washington, DC
Baltimore, MD
Philadelphia, NJ
New York, NY
New Haven, CT
Providence, RI
Boston, MA
Portland, ME
total miles: 3951 (approx)

May not make it as far up as Portland, as the weather during January will be hellish, but it's just kinda something I'm plotting out. Realistically, I just plan to go see the Atlantic Ocean, and then head north as far as the weather will permit. I'm thinking a 5-10-15-40-85-95 route should serve well for this, with allowances for side trips and whatnot. I'll likely veer from the highways by up to 50 miles in some places, depending on mood.

this'll be happening in the first weeks of January, anyone along this route (or done it themselves) have any tips for me? Offers of crash space will also be gladly accepted (as the thought of spending $50/night on hotels is somewhat daunting).