October 14th, 2005


it sickens me //observations

I dunno, maybe it's just me, but I find it highly insulting, on both an emotional and an intellectual level, when I read commentaries and they are mentioning things like hurricane Katrina and the recent southeastern asia earthquake and last year's tsunami, and they are bringing up all these events like they are somehow on the same level. like they are trying to say that the U.S. loosing one city and a touch over 1000 people (mostly due in part to our own inability to react properly over the course of a week) is the same thing as entire nations being wiped off the plant and 30,000 people drowning in an instant.
don't get me wrong, any loss of life is a tragedy, but to imply 1000 of "us" are worth 30,000 of "them" is disgusting.

The majority of those who call themselves "christians" (as everyone I see making these comparisons are) sadden me tremendously.

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That sure was odd // life

So, if your not familiar with Tablet windows, there's this on-screen keyboard that runs when the log-in window is up. the idea is, since you don't have a real keyboard, you just tap on the keys on the screen with the pen and that's how you enter your password.

my virtual-L on my virtual keyboard just broke. it wasn't a dead spot on the screen, since I could drag the keyboard around and no matter where it was, the lowercase "l" wasn't working, upper-case worked fine, just not lower.