October 9th, 2005


well that sucks //life

so ja, I go and get all that wood, take time to cut, measure and align (not in that order), start screwing it all together and the wood starts splitting. grrrr...

on another, not related, note, the tablet handwriting recognition really aint all that bad. I had initially thought that it would help me get better with my penmanship, but the way it keeps learning how you write, and allowing for some sloppiness, then learning the sloppy, and allowing for a little more... it just keeps letting my writing get worse and worse, with no real end in sight! it's already better at recognizing my scribble them I am! also, the way it does on-the-fly spelling correction is pretty 1337.

The ongoing experiment // consumerism

tonight's sleep ought to prove interesting, I went and got a mattress topper today. This raises a few questions -firstly there's the philosophical issue of "can I even have a mattress topper when I don't have a mattress" but there is also the (somewhat more pertinant) question of if this will prove too soft for me. I suppose we'll see tomorrow morning.