August 19th, 2005


should be fun.. // work

you know you're in for a treat when downloading software that says this on the webpage:
Current Version: 0.01 Very Very Beta, good luck

yeah, right. this is going to be a treat, I can just tell.

feather falls may have to wait // life

busy fscking weekend.. I was thinking of heading up to Feather Falls tomorrow, but I've been invited to a birthday party that I'm considering making an appearance at. even without that, Sunday morning is looking to be painful enough that I'm not sure I want to brave the trail Saturday even if I did have time for it. Waking up at 4:45 on Sunday is not normally my idea of a good time (well, okay, depending on whom I wake alongside of this opinion could change, but that's not an option these days). Drive for two hours (okay, well, this part should be fun enough -- I tell you, I'm really enjoying driving this car for some reason). then ride the bike for three or so hours (should be fun enough -- it's planned to be an easy ride with yummy fruits). Then drive for two more hours. Then have tea (at least the evening is planned to be relaxing). I'm just not thinking I'll want to do this after challenging myself in the dirt Saturday.. Next weekend is still August, I suppose waiting till then won't be too bad.