August 17th, 2005


hrmm.. not sure I like this // life

(gonna hafta make a "car" tag, this thing is getting enough posts recently)

So yeah, today on the way to work, I'm walking along and about 15 to 20 minutes from the house I notice I forgot my glasses. This was after I had already gotten a late start in the first place (didn't get out the door 'till 7:50 (we'll just ignore the fact that my job officially starts at 8 (haven't made it in on time in months, why break a solid track record now?))), so I halfway debated just leaving them and suffering through the day without, but I decided to go back afterall as my vision is showing signs of really needing the glasses for computer work these days and I really didn't feel like the pain of reading the screen without them. So I get home, grab the glasses and decide that, it now being 8:30, I'll be getting to work via public transit later even than I'm comfortable with (though I don't show up on time, I'm rarely more than an hour late) so I grab the keys and drive the car in.

Now, I'm not entirely sure I'm comfortable with this choice. I'd rather not take the car to work if there is no errand-based reason for it. I don't want to be terribly late to work, either (particularly not these weeks as we are insanely busy with gearing up for the semester start). So it was a tough decision to make. I made it, sure, but I'll have to be careful in the future to avoid letting myself slack in the morning because "I could just drive in if I leave too late".

in other news, this is a fun car to drive. the little mpg part of the console leads to fun little games like trying to keep the mileage at a specific number as long as possible. need a new sound system in it, though. stock speakers are barely tolerable, and there's no decent iPod adapter for the tuner. :(