August 7th, 2005


so fucking typical // life

so yeah, went and had sushi today, decided to pick up my mom and take her with me. We had a good time talking and visiting, and of course the eating of tasty feesh. The waitress was great, too. Wonderful attitude, and quite attractive. A pleasant experiance, to say the least.

afterwards, I had to stop off at the store for some soap, so I drop mom off and go to get some soap.. As I'm walking away from the parking spot I notice just how anoyingly typical the picture was. A Hybrid parked at the Natural Foods Co-Op. Yeah. I swear I'm not some smelly won't-bathe fucking tree-huging save-the-animals hippy. I swear I'm not!!!
kinda made me laugh, though. the Hybrid was the only vehicle there that didn't run soley on gas (excluding bio-diesel, which doesn't usually advertise itself on the back of the car (unless you smell the exhaust)). Half the parking lot was SUVs. :) Guess I'm not the only non-hippy that shops there.

I was so dead after the bike ride today, though. Not the heat, or the distance, or anything about the ride itself that did it to me. It was my lack of proper nutrition. I had an unusually small breakfast, and skipped lunch (with the exception of the one powerbar, which hardly counts), and the previous night's dinner was rather lacking. I was just so entirely without energy after getting home. That, and the dry salt that I was wiping off my face told me I needed real food FAST.

I better get some good sleep tonight, these past few weeks of not sleeping well have been reaking havoc on my system. The car is bought, the finances are spot-on budget, I'm very pleased with the decisions made (well, except the insurance, but that will be easilly fixed in a week or two), now can my mind PLEASE stop going crazy over this and LET ME SLEEP?

ugh // life

time to sleep.. dead tired.. let's see if I actually get to sleep tonight, or if I wind up tossing and turning in bed all night long.. for some reason it doesn't matter how tired I am when I go to sleep, I inevitably wind up wide awake tossing around in bed.