July 4th, 2005


long day // daily

oh man, what a day! so, I have the usual sunday ride . . . it goes nicely, and though I think cncrt_brunette was pushed a little much, I don't think it was outside her ability, so yeah.. good ride. then I go for feesh for dinner, and I wander over to The Beat and I run into 6q. He's all, "hey, I'm heading to a party in like 10 minutes, wanna come along?" so yeah, that lasted till 4, nice and fun. all fun people, a few really attractive ones, to. good times, good times. :)

It's a damn good thing I'm not expected to be at work in 3.5 hours. 'cause that just wouldn't happen.. shit, I might not even be entirely sober by then! but I will be asleep, so it matters not.

it happened again!! // life

shopping at the natural foods co-op, making small talk with the cashier and bagger, talking about plans for tonight, and after the cashier told me her lack, she asked, "And you? Oh, wait, you don't celebrate our fourth of July, do you? I can tell from your accent."

yeah, yeah, I know.. enounciation, pronounciation, sentance (sp?) construction, and whatnot. it just amuses me every time.

and now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to kill an hour on simcity while finishing off this pitcher of mudslide and listening to mfb4 (the ever-talented 6q's latest offering).