February 9th, 2005


holy ... wow... // linkage

I was just linked to a fun new google toy.

GoogleMaps it gives locations, directions, stuff near places, and tons more!

the parser for the input fields is very good, handles natural language quite well, and the maps are DRAGABLE!! you can click on the map and drag it around the window and that moves the map.. I'm loving the interface.. *very* nicely done..

edit: just the USA for now, it would seem.. Knowing google, it won't be long before this works for world maps.
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I never would have guessed it // GoogleMapsFun

so, out of randomness spurred by some odd Google searches I did recently, I decided to do a GoogleMaps search for:
"brothels near sacramento, ca" (sans quotes, as usual)

some of the more entertaining results are a christain church in davis and the NOW (National Organization for Women) office downtown.