January 4th, 2005


heh.. guess I need to clean up my disk a bit // techie, yet funny

so, yeah, I'm trying out the GoogleDesktop here at work (seems *everyone* wants to know about it and having answers for them is part of my job, so yeah). anyway, I just discovered that I have about 10 copies of the same file scattered about in different installpoints and backups. Normally this wouldn't be a big problem, as Google will only return it for terms that actually match in the file. There's just one problem with this:

it's a password hacking dictionary.

Yeah. So, no matter what terms I type in, I'm almost assured of getting 10 results. :)

fortunately, Google seems to rank the results based on percentage of total document that the terms cover, so this file turns up almost at the bottom.. still, it's rather amusing seeing 10 lines all the same filename and same summary.. off to go pick one to keep and kill the rest.