December 11th, 2004

sp by streetlamp

good times // life

went to see the TKT show tonight. there was much rock involved, it was good. A little bit cold, but still a nice show all the same.

I see darkmoon allready has the new userpic uploaded. it's funny.

The part I liked best was getting to see people I haven't seen in a while. I don't get out much, perhaps this being something I should change.. I dunno. I liked the conversation, though, and it was good to meet some new people whom I've been hearing a lot about, and wanted to see for some time but never quite managed this.

I also finally had a name attached to a face, or a face attached to a name.. however you wish to think of it. kinda odd, knowing you've casually chit-chatted with someone a few times, and you've read their lj sporadically for a while (I have a handful of LJs bookmarked which I read but aren't on my 'friends' list), and then to find they are the same person and you can make that connection between the two.. usually you have only one side and you are now being exposed to the other (the ever-popular "oh, so *you're* so-and-so!", or almost equally fun "so what's your LJ name?"). to have discovered each independantly and not known they were connected for so long is kinda odd when you find they are. heh.. :) wierd.

my textbook of social conduct doesn't have a page for that one.