November 28th, 2004


a note on habit formation // life

welp, I'm now officially a Moleskine user. While I have no doubt this will be certainly easier than the random pieces of paper I had been carrying folded in my pocket, it remains to be seen if I can put it to any sort of regular use. That, and I need to find a pen that I'm happy with. It was suggested in another's journal that the G2 from Pilot was a good pen for 'Skines, but I'm finding the thick psuedo-gel ink to not dry quite quickly enough for my uses and my thumb will occasionally make a partial smudge out of some letters. Sure, they are still reasonably legible, but I'd rather not have that issue in the first place.

I do like the form-factor of the 'pocket' ones, though. just the right size, unlike some other "pocket-size" crap I've seen (which is usually either too large to fit comfortably or too small to be useful). And the pocket in back is allready being put to use. :)