November 25th, 2004


osx users: try these // linkage

just a few toys I saw cruising through the stuff over at 43 folders.

Quicksilver : like that other app that sat in your menubar and you could hotkey into it and type what you want and it'll take you right there.. yeah, it does that. only Qs doesn't take up any space anywhere, and I like the way it works more. you can use arrow keys to browse the heirarchy of results based on what you typed in, and it just 'feels' nicer. it practically begs you to play with it more, it has such a shy yet approachable interface.

SideTrack : it's an alternate trackpad driver (really only usefull for the notebook users) that lets you define scroll areas on the trackpad and do other very helpfull stuff that the mac's trackpad has been lacking. quite nice.

Notational Velocity : it's a note-taking program. That's all it does. it sits in the background waiting till you hit a hotkey, then it pops up and you start right off typing in the note's subject. tab and it takes you to entering the note body. the great thing is, it does active filtering of the existing notes based on the subject you are typing. at any moment you can stop typing the subject and hit tab to start editing (defaults to append so you can just get right to typing) the currently selected note. If you're done with the subject and there's a note matching that subject selected, but you want to make a new one, hit Cmd-D to deselect it and then tab right into a fresh new note with this subject. *Very* well-writen program for those sudden "Oh, yeah! I gotta right this down RIGHT NOW" type of thoughts. 100% keyboard-driven interface to pull it up from background and enter/edit notes so you can get the inspiration jotted down quick without getting interrupted/distracted.

osx the way it was meant to be // raving (with a slight tangent)

yeah, I am now officially terribly happy with QuickSilver. damn sweet app, this one. I can only wish they might someday come out with ports for Windows and Linux. not bloody likely, as they are pretty hard-core mac from the looks of the website, but you never know..

even stil, hot damn this thing is usefull! espescially after you've gone and downloaded the respective plugins for the apps you use.

'bout my only complaint with it is how it insists on opening the bookmarks in safari, even though they are my firefox bookmarks! grrr.. must be a pref. setting for that somewhere I haven't looked yet.

if you have osx (10.3+), you really have to consider this app. heck, I will barely be able to put it to use as my only real mac use is on der'Book (and it burns up often enough that I won't trust it as a primary) and I'm still considering donating some funds to the project because it's just that damn good.

Also, and this one goes out to everyone, not just the osx folk, if you aren't a user yet then you really aught to remedy that. It's like the livejournal of bookmarks. you put your bookmarks there so you can access them from *any* computer anywhere, and you can add other people's bookmarks to a sort of 'watch-list' and whenever they add bookmarks there, you can see what they've added and decide if you want to bookmark it also. tags to describe the content of a bookmark, summary notes to give better ideas of the content, and "popularity" counters to tell you how many other people have bookmarked a page. plus, RSS feeds of any tag/user bookmark collection so you can integrate the bookmark categories (yours or anyone else's) as bookmark folders in firefox!

It's the next step in a truly connected world. We can post our ideas in blogs and have people comment or discuss them with us. We can tag various pages/sites for referance and other people can see those tags and spread the word or tell you of other places you might like. And there are even some starts of collaborative document editing tools (SubEthaEdit and such). Yeah, cool stuff this.

my mistress' eyes are nothing like... // memeage

(no, she's not my mistress or anything, I just like the sonnets)
as regards the fair sweet athenamarie, what needs be said?

those who know her likely know her better than I, as I have the distinct misfortune of only barely having gotten to learn of her ways, in part from only having sat with her once, but I shall do what I can to enlighten those even more misfortunate than I as to what they are missing.

She's quite frank in her journal, though her personal actions would seem more reserved. This suits me just fine in both ways. Her world of thoughts is full of open discussion, not shying from stating her mind and telling you just how wrong you are. Her world of actions, though, acknowledges some need for restraint in polite society and excersises it well.

She is quite lovely to behold, though she may argue to the contrary. Her eyes are entrancing, putting the perfect finishing touches on a face that one could never tire of looking at. She dresses with a casual style that fits her personality perfectly and makes one feel no hesitation in approaching or speaking with her.

In discussion she is very versitile, readilly covering many disjointed topics and able to keep up no matter the pace of thought. She is honest enough to admit to any limitations in her knowledge (of which there are not many), and mentally flexible enough to be able to patch such holes in the midst of the conversation sufficiently to be able to continue on from there. She has quite a vocabulary for expressing herself, and doesn't shy from using it.

Flirting with her is a true joy. She's quite adapt at the finer points of the art, and approaches it with a very cheerful nature. It's rare to see this in a person, and she's managed to cultivate it more than most.

I wish I could say more, but as noted at the beginning I am working with a severe lack of experiance -- something I would hapilly jump at the opportunity to alter. She is definately someone worth getting to know far better than the mere passing exchanges I have been forced to be content with.

athenamarie, you rawk.

giving thanks // topical [thanksgiving]

so, thinking on this national holiday I'm kinda stuck.. 'Thanksgiving' doesn't really have very many guidelines that apply to me. Some say "oh, you're supposed to look at what's good in your life and give thanks to the powers that be for all of it". Hokay, sure bub. Problem is, according to my religious faith (I am not, contrary to popular belief, atheist), any aspects of 'my life' that may happen to be 'good' are only that way because I choose at this moment to label them such (we'll ignore the fundamental problem with even acknowledging their existence in the first place and just assume that we are operating on the plane of existence and not below), they have no inherent value in themselves. Moreover, good or bad, if they are part of my life is fundamentally my fault. I have no entity which I should thank or blame for such. Sure, I acknowledge a whole slew of gods and such, but I don't directly pay homage to any of them and I am just as likely to argue with them as I am to compliment them.

So yeah, that standard answer just doesn't quite work here.

I could just let it slide without so much as a nod of the head (in keeping with my standing policy of not celebrating any specific day on the calendar for any reason), but I feel like being slightly different and felt I should do something for today (in keeping with the "moderation in all things" clause).

Hence my predicament. I've been thinking, though, and I think I've come up with an appropriate thanking ritual. You. While I'm sure I could find some way to fill just about every niche in my life without any of the recurring characters, it's a lot easier to do this with your help. Thus:

Thank you (and these are by no means complete lists),
6q, for helping me expand my musical appreciation, and for continuing to be a truly upstanding person to me.
arkainas, for playing Dip with us, and for helping me see some ways of kindness
artistic_chaos, for your art, wit, and opinions.
athenamarie, for what little time you care to share with me.
being_angyl, for your philosophies, tech rantings and reviews, and willingness to talk.
ben, (even though you'll never see this) for your insights on software and design.
bridgeweaver, for your insight and humor.
choasweasel, for your tidbits of trivia (though your jokes can sometimes get a touch obscure).
chunkbot, for the many grand adventures and good laughs.
classicbri, for one of the best damn webcomics I've ever read (though I'm not a GP fan, I'm looking forward to UF).
copper9lives, for your strong touch with humanity and passion for life.
damonakat, for your words and thoughts.
darkmoon, for the occasional gems of philosophy you've shared.
devafall, for the many late nights discussing people and society and how we fit in.
devey, uh.. er... thanks in advance for joining us!
eazycheeze, for the games and your unique view on life.
edgylesjr, for the fun talks, and even more for the supurb performances.
elentar, for having been there so often through the years.
elisandra, for telling me I'm wrong.
erisian_fields, for being so different from me, yet still being nice.
eternalyam, for many parties and good times
fmblng_twds_xtc, for allowing me a glimpse of the joys and trials of parenting.
forkylo, for growing into yourself in spite of everyone else.
futuregirl, for your insight into the world around us (you'll be missed)
g31g3r, for being a friend through so much.
geckoinpdx, for showing me there's more to life.
gethen, for being so kind and cool with someone like me.
graphxgrrl, for constantly keeping an open mind, and for letting me watch as you moved.
gravity_, for being such a keen person.
grumpy_sysadmin, for your somewhat humourous way of ranting about tech (and the users/makers thereof).
hariseldon, for your photographic insight.
hatefulsandwich, for being far more than just the typical.
ilk, for pointing the way to many grand ideas online, and for sharine a few of your own.
jimbo_the_gecko, (though I'm not 100% sure *who* you are) for being one of the few I could relate to (if you're who I think you are)
kalemachka, for the really keen journaling
kest, for the informative and thought-provoking ideas.
khanfused, for being right there for the geekier of topics.
la_vation, for your particular musical knowledge and a touch of mundanity
macklinr, for the chess, the beer, and the constant telling me to shut it
mahdi, for helping me see a few other angles, and also for telling me I'm wrong.
mamarhi, for teaching me so much about life.
merovingian, for the touches of surreality
mistersleepless, for the most amazing fiction -- you will be missed.
mommy_heather, er, for the gory details?
mr_destructo, for the good times and the laughs.
mslulu, for being the perfect person to not date. :)
namelessnobody, for the literary thoughts.
nina, for the way you approach life.
noisepimp, for being so damn patient with me.
noodlboy, for being your wonderful self.
ox_number_10, for showing me how to be my most childlike.
pleckos, for understanding the need for ranting
plucky, for helping me learn exactly what is needed
pnsm, for giving so much
princessjamey, for the knowledge and lessons, past and future.
samsamsamantha, for your opinions on life.
scottbateman, for the cartoons.
serenica69, for being so kind and tolerant.
sifueireman, for the guidance and tea.
sinboy, for the links, thoughts, and alerts.
sora3, for the discussions.
spindry, for the pictures, and the joy.
stroum, for the hamsters -- and pine.
superflow, for not giving up.
the_mysterons, for giving us just a little more time.
tiggrrl, for the terse insight through the crap.
tobin, for the patience.
tragerstreit, for going with your heart, and showing others the way.
tyrsalvia, for the links and updates.
urbeatle, for the music, and the years of random philosophy.
vampyrecat, for being serious and true.
voidheart, for the meditations and philosophy.
wickedserpent, for being your loveable self.
witchphaedra, for welcoming me.
with_gusto, for the comics -- you will be missed.
youthinazia, for the occasional thoughts and geeky links.
yozhik, for being the brilliant monkey you are.

damn, took an hour for that crap! I need to trim my friends list if I'm ever doing *that* again! :) well, at least it's still technically thanksgiving so this isn't a day late or anysuch..

hrrm.. they seem to have gotten a bit shorter near the end.. sorry 'bout that folk. it's no statement of the person, just of my being tired this late and after an hour it got more drawn-out than I had initially planned. :)

edit: subject altered for better summary view