November 23rd, 2004


agony defined // scholastic whinging

I turn in the take-home test today. it's been a week and a half in the doing, many many hours most days. Granted, I've taken many breaks also (one can only look at analysis for so long before going numb in the head), but even on the breaks I was mulling over some of the concepts.

This is the hardest I've ever had to work on a test. I've consulted three math texts, all prior notes and homework for this class (and some from other classes), and about 5 huge online resources for mathematics (the internet actually does have more than just pr0n, whod've thunk it?). Half my desk here at work is covered with math notes, scribblings, and open books.

And I'll have to turn it in unfinished. Yup, even with all that time and work I wasn't able to finish this damn thing. Not because it's that particularly hard. No, I'm sure there are quite a few of my classmates who managed to finish it days ago, it's just that I'm *not* an analysist. Not in the slightest, and over half of the questions on this test are just mucking about with sequences and seires (analysis stuff, for those unaware). One of the problems that was supposed to be easy actually took me almost 8 hours! Of course, on the flipside one of the questions is actually more of a topology question and he warned the class that it's quite painfull and I managed it in about 10 minutes on the ride home last night (we'll see if I did it *right*, but I can't find any error in my work and I've checked it (and the backing materials) three times now).

Still, there are many questions I've had to leave unfinished or incomplete or just-plain-wrong that my overall score is certain to be teh sux0r. Here's hoping the average of this score and my first test is still a passing grade.