November 12th, 2004

sp by streetlamp

something is now officially wrong with me // growing up

damn.. tonight's the Korn concert and I have no motivation at all to go. Roommie picked up the ticket for me a while back, and I'll certainly reimburse him for the cost (not much, so no big), but I'm strongly leaning towards just not going. I'm just not in the mood. I know that even if I do end up going, I'll not be visiting the pit (which is really my only reason for attending in the first place). I'll probably just sit up in the stands somewhere and fall asleep half-way through. I'm just not interested in Korn or that activity right now.

Hence my concern. I tried listening to Slipknot and Korn on the way in to work, and while the tunez are nice enough to bop along with I just wasn't feelin' it. And I'm still not. I normally would jump at the opportunity to go to a concert, dive into the masses and get bruised and battered (it's a great feeling, ramming into someone and feeling your body flying through the air -- even the sudden *thud* as you hit the ground isn't too bad). Right now, I just . . . don't. I don't have any interest in staying out late tonight. No interest in being in a smoke-filled space listening to way-too-loud music (sorry, but I don't feel concerts need to have the volume set to 'max' all the time). Sure, it's fun for about an hour or so, but it just doesn't seem worth it today.

That, and they haven't released any new music since last tour anyway (just a 'best of' compilation album) so it's not like this will be a wholy new experiance (unlike the lemon-lime mocha I had this morning -- gak!).

Hrmm.. I know the 'Mid-life crisis' is when someone who's life has settled into a stable pattern of suburban security suddenly feels the urge to break from the pattern and do something 'wild' in an attempt to 'recapture youth'. What about when someone has no interest in doing the 'wild' activities any longer?

I hope this is just a phase and I'll eventually grow out of it.

woah // tech-esque

Well, I suppose it was just a sign from the powers that be that my firefox profile should get hosed just a few days after 1.0 was released. lost all bookmarks, cookies, everything. Yeah, that sucked. On the plus side, it served as the perfect excuse to get my lazy ass to d/l and install 1.0

Firefox 1.0 rawks. There must've been *tons* of debug code in the old version (can't recall if I was running .8 or .9), 'cause 1.0 loads/renders in almost half the time. damn nice..

Also keen, and I'm not sure if the older versions had this, is the live bookmarks. It'll take an RSS feed and make that into a bookmark folder. This combined with gives me *EXACTLY* what I've been wanting in a browser bookmark functionality. stores my bookmarks on a server where I can get them from anywhere, and firefox can grab them and put them on the bookmark toolbar, so I've got a "comics" button that pulls down to a list of my bookmarks labeled 'comics' with, and I can update that folder no matter where I am, so if I'm at a bud's place and s/he shows me a keen comic that I decide I'd like to read, I just add it using his/her browser to my 'comics' group, and firefox here at work will automagically have that link in my bookmark toolbar now! only problem is that can be kinda flaky, so I'm hoping they stableize shortly.

now, if you'll excuse me, I have a 3-month old archive of bookmarks to restore, and a wide selection of RSS feeds to add to my bookmark configuration. :)