September 23rd, 2004


get out and vote!!! // linkage

yeah, it's a little early for me to start my "go vote" triade, but this link r0x0rz.

votergasm (thanks to macklinr for the link)
Their motto: One Day. One Vote. One Night Stand.

(could be NSFW depending on the strictness of work - crappy drawings of people having sex, and pictures of people in undies, but I haven't found anything more)
random pic

yikes! // random

the little "days till my birfday" counter on my info page was frightfully accurate just now (only off by like 10 or somesuch). I should go edit the code so it checks to see if it is actually right, then makes a new number in that case..

but I'm lazy, so will probably not.
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bleargh // random snippetts

fuckin' OUCH! my feet being sore from the brand-new birkies (need to break them in before they become uber-comfy) + my left leg being damn near torn to shreds (figuratively -- just about every muscle group hurts and my knee and hip are aching, I have to limp over half the time) = me skipping Uechi tonight. hate to do this, but events conspire.

Noisef.. *ahem*.


is this weekend. [edit]Each day is at a different time and place, read the comments for details.[/edit] $10/day or $30 for an all-weekend membership pass (which I've gotten every time I've gone, pretty much).

Don't forget your earplugs!

In other news, here's a tip to all the kiddies taking classes: don't put off starting your homework till 30 minutes before the class it is due in starts. Sure, you might get it done in time, but you risk having somewhat sloppy handwriting.
(technically, I started 35 minutes before it was due, and finished with 5 minutes to spare, but the idea's the same)

perhaps tomorrow I'll be able to link der 'Pod up with this Windoze machine and finally get all these great albums I've snagged recently sync'ed up onto it.