July 23rd, 2004


'bout damn time // linkage

found on MeFi:

It's been a constant annoyance of mine how the major media does all these polls of voters saying which presidential candidate has the majority of the votes, since that isn't what matters. Enter this website where they take the polls on a state-by-state basis and then plot which candidate is ahead in which states, and what the resultant electoral vote distribution is. Much more sensible way of looking at the poll data being released.

edit: link changed to their homepage.

Even the Mona Lisa's falling apart! // life

So, I'm finally getting "too old for this crap". well, sortof. Last night at the workout, I tweaked my elbow just the wrong way and it's had a sharp pain ever since. It doesn't hurt quite so much if I keep it bent, but when I straighten it out, for those last few degrees of extension it hurts, increasing in pain as it reaches full extension.

I think it's been hyper-extended a few too many times and last night was just the last straw. So, now I get to live with a constantly-bent arm till it heals enough to resume full motion, and even then I'll likely have to go easy on it.

My knee has also recently been giving similar issues. I'm just falling apart at the seams, I tell you!

then there's my thumb, it got whacked during Tuesday's workout by someone's elbow. I was going to hit them, and they blocked slightly early and we had a thumb-forearm collision. Good thing I've long since learned to have a tight fist. It still hurt quite a bit, though, and was getting close to recovery when last night, the same damn thing happened! I went to hit, and the person I was training with blocked slightly early and *wham* -- another thumb-forearm collision! Now it's back to the pain, but this time it's feeling like it will likely take a few weeks to heal. Sure I can use it, but any motion hurts. Put stress on it (like actually grabbing something, as opposed to just moving around for kicks) and it hurts more. Grrr...

Kinda reminds me of some of the stories about the old-style freaks who would keep hitting boards with their thumbs, breaking them and letting them heal crooked so that after enough times their thumb is one twisted mass of bone, permenantly in 'weapon' position. Sure, it's great for hitting someone with, but you can't use it for anything else! No, thank you. I kinda like having opposable thumbs. I dunno, call me sentimental, there's just something about being able to grab stuff that I've grown fond of.

Maybe I'm just not 'hardcore' enough.. :)