July 14th, 2004


HA! // funny life


So, I recently turned on the LJ comment -> email thang -- ya know, the one where it emails you all the comments involving you.. And, one of my recent posts involved my taking work home with me.. and then someone replies with how he can work from home..

This tripped the spam filter here at work. :) hehe.. having that much "work from home" in one message pushed it ever-so-slightly over the tolerance and it got flagged. I mean, there were other things adding to it's score, all the LJ emails are close to begin with, this was just the final nudge it needed.. funny..

I'll have to remember this email as another example why we shouldn't lower the tolerance any (there are enough people bitching that it's set too high so the question comes up every so often).
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Name That Tune! // quizzie

Working late on a computer (again, it's the busy time of year right now), and I'm bored so here's another Name That Tune quiz!

1) We danced in graveyards with vampires till dawn.
Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos congradulations to bridgeweaver
2) Love is pain, I hear you say. / Love has a cruel and bitter way / of paying you back for all the faith you ever had in your brain.
Brand New Day by Sting
3) I've felt the hate rise up in me / Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves
Wait and Bleed by Slipknot
4) Suckin' on my titties like you wanted me / Callin me, all the time like blondie
Fuck the Pain Away by Peaches congradulations to 6q
5) Better dumb and happy than smart and without any friends / Better cute and better loud, better join up with the crowd
Change by Oingo Boingo
6) Tonight I think I'll walk alone / I'll find my soul as I go home
Temptation by New Order
7) Show me some love, strip off your clothes, and take off your socks
4 My People by Missy Elliot
8) Sleeping on platforms at train stations, Sipping chemical cocktails, / Alive to the Universe, Dead to the World.
Nutopia by Meg Lee Chin
9) Can I borrow some detergent / I don't mean to cause a racket / but maybe I can carry your laundry basket?
Laundromat by Mac Swanky Trio
10) That's when you stumble into my mess and kick around the bloody carcass / laughing at the whole predicament you're not buying all my bullshit
Love Song by Little Tin Frog

I put those last two in there for all you google freaks who like to ruin the fun. Don't bother searching them, #9 and #10 aren't in google. Unfortunately, that means they are/were local bands and most peeps won't get them, but I had to put some that aren't in google up here.

edit:answers added.